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Hi I'm Bi, but live in the bush alone and welcome all who no of these place to come on out and get naked and enjoy some time in another free and happy environment. Naked and relaxed does it for me... catch up either via emails on here or via hotmail a
· 2279 days ago

We were married in 1970 while I was in the military.  We had a humble beginning with our honeymoon at my parents cottage, our first appartment was a converted garage in Sault Sta Marie, MI, and we were happy.  Our first was born just 3 weeks
· 2283 days ago

This is/was the First meal I created for others, an then wrote down. It was the spring of 1954, and it went Very well indeed. I was 11 years old..  Italian Omelette for 4 to 6 12 extra large eggs Salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 large Cloves of
· 2286 days ago

I am lured into the sunroom by the lucious blooms on the Geranium.  Discover there the comfy armchair in full Sun. The cushions are hot, saturated with sunlight. That completes the invitation! Off shoes & socks. Off shirt.  Off pants---I neve
· 2299 days ago

Out to pee: 2:30 am. The first shock of 10 degree air, then a kind of envelope of warmth forms just at your bare skin's surface...(don't try this on a windy night!)...allowing a time for lingering after the last drop is shaken free. The moon is full in a c
· 2310 days ago

First look in the mirror, a large mirror facing the bed, giving back a full image of my body as it arises from the covers. In the instant before recognition, there awaits my first nude encounter of the day with like the first slide of a new photo shoot. Th
· 2314 days ago

I sleep in the buff---always! Each season brings its own special aspect to that fact. Summer---who can't help think of summer right now (2 degrees at sunrise today)---when you wake with the light sheet of night time tossed aside and the coll caress of morn
· 2320 days ago

Snow snow snow! Real winter. A nude moment as I step out into the snowstorm last night.  Feel the caress of snowflakes on bare skin! Hear the hiss and patter as they fall all around me. Not the same as stepping out into a mid-summer rainshower, but th
· 2325 days ago

Hi With this blog I hope to share those special moments of nudity that brighten my days and will hopefully enrich yours!  Here's the first: The sun streams into my bedroom late afternoons on days like today and I just stretch out on the comforter an
· 2327 days ago

I love the summer time laying in the sun and letting the warmth soak into my body. I can't think of anything more relaxing and enjoyable than sunbathing in the summertime naked.
· 2347 days ago
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