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For the those of us who enjoy camping and enjoying the outdoors while nude. Let's share experiences, photos, and tips.

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  •  Anonymous: 
    When I lived in New York City, I was a member of a traditional (clothed) group of friendly campers who would have weekly tent-camping trips in local state forests. I was the group`s newsletter editor, and also scheduled camping events in various campgrounds. I`ve been a nudist since 1954, so as an experiment I once scheduled a camping weekend in a nudist resort instead of our usual sites. Surprisingly it attracted 29 adventurous club members, 27 of whom who had never before tried nude social recreation. The participants so enjoyed skinnydipping and sunbathing nude with their camping friends that they asked me to schedule more nude camping trips. Word got around, and the next nudist camping weekend attracted 39 members. But by that time a new president of the club had been elected, and she declared that if any outsiders learned we had gone to a nudist resort, the camping club would attract no decent new members. She insisted that I could never schedule a nude camping trip for the group, nor mention nude recreation in the newsleter again. So of course I created a new newsletter, named it Skinnydipping, and sent it only to those club members who had attended our two nudist camping weekends, knowing they wouldn`t be offended. This so upset the new club president that she told me to "get out of the club, and take your naked friends with you." Taking her advice, I created a new nudist club, and named it The Skinnydippers. (It might be the only organization ever named after its newsletter.) When other open-minded camping club members learned about it, they joined The Skinnydippers as well, leaving only the stodgy traditional campers left in the original club. Within a year, that original club had to combine with another camping club to have enough members to be viable. They scheduled outings less and less frequently, and the club eventually just dissolved. In the meantime, I got lots of publicity for The Skinnydippers in both the nudist and non-nudist press, and the club grew exponentially. By the time I retired from its leadership ten years later, the club had over 500 members in New York City, and another 300 in surrounding areas. We were affiliated with AANR, TNS and other nudist organizations, and scheduled at least a dozen clothing-optional events every weekend of the year. Now that my wife Suzanne and I are fully retired and living in warm and sunny Naples, Florida, I miss many of the friends I had made in The Skinnydippers. But we`re making many new friends who visit our clothing-optional home and garden. We all skinnydip in our heated pool in comfortable 90-degree water, and sunbathe nude in our secluded half-acre garden, even in the middle of winter. We enjoy meeting other friendly nudists, so please write to let us know when you might be visiting southwest Florida`s Gulf Coast region. We`d love to invite you to our home and garden to share our little nudist paradise, and to discuss how other nudist clubs were created.
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  •  lonecamper: 
    Temp of 22 and a sun filled sky and I've got camping on my mind. Finally sent my camper canvas in last week to have a replacement made. It was the original from 1984 and beginning to tear at the stress areas. Still need to enhance my DIY shower unit for next season. I like clean nudity! How do you guys and gal like to camp besides being nude?
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  •  lonecamper: 
    Now that cold weather has embraced Michigan, I now enjoy my nude time campfires indoors courtesy of my fireplace.
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