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This article asks the question, Why is public nudity against the law in the United states ?    I want to take about this subject both from an atheistic  and a religious prospective.    Now let star from the beginning.   When we are born, we enter this worl
· 1103 days ago

Cinderella FellowCinderella FellowOnce upon a dreary dayHe had to appear before a juryTo see if he would be hand over to zoo keeperTo be sentenced to captivity in a cageor put on a leash until he earned his freedomCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowHe dr
· 1103 days ago

 A man is on road trip to go visit his bother and his family, for a few days.He has been driving for five hour with out a bite to eat,so he feeling famished , and pulls off the highway and in to a Giant food store's parking lot.       He get out of his car
· 1103 days ago

    How many of us have ever thought about the fact that we may just love showing off our naked bodies. Are we truly nudists, or are we exhibitionists??  I know I'm a little of both.  Are You???  Tell me , that in some small way, it's not a turn on to be i
· 1587 days ago
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