Nudism or Exhibitionism
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Nudism or Exhibitionism

    How many of us have ever thought about the fact that we may just love showing off our naked bodies. Are we truly nudists, or are we exhibitionists??  I know I'm a little of both.  Are You???  Tell me , that in some small way, it's not a turn on to be in front of people completely naked.  I think both go hand in hand, it's hard not to feel sexy or excited when you first enter a room or park or beach. I know that I feel that tinge of excitement.  I beleive that we all are exhibitionistsdeep down inside, whether we know it or not.  Thank you for listening....    

                                                                          Karol, xoxoxo   Kiss


sexybbw4u · 1184 days ago
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  •  heatround: 

    I enjoy dring donw the freway in the nude you stay lot cooler and as long as you done pull up next to a cop or a large truck all is well!!   its also very relaxing   !



     250 days ago 
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  •  l2lpc69: 

    I just like being nude at the beach in Corpus Christy. It dont matter if your old or young every bodys, body gets fat & wrinkles sooner or later. I think the older people are more real than the younger ones. there to much about looking perfect.

     251 days ago 
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  •  argyle: 

    I hate to admit it but I am slightly more of an exhibitionist and voyeur.  That doesn't mean I don't like nudism; I most certainly do!! It's comfortable and very relaxing just being in the great outdoors. I also enjoy being part of a group of nude folks.

     251 days ago 
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  •  camptramp2000: 
    I sure do NOT have the body for an exhibitionist. i would do more swimming in my pool if I knew there were no neighbors at home that can see over my 6' fence from their windows. This summer the only home that can see over the fence is "for sale". Needless to say there has been lots of nude sunning and swimming going on. My next home WILL have acres to sun and work outside nude.
     583 days ago 
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  •  hazmatt: 
    Let's not forget about voyeurism! Yes, I believe that exhibitionism plays some part in Naturist living, although much less so than the comfort and freedom factors. Most of my "public" nudity has been out in the boon-toolies, well-removed from the madding crowds. Primarily because I find it to be a spiritual experience, reconnecting with our primitive origins, but there is another reason, too; Despite my living in New Hampshire, the state who's motto is, "Live free, or die," there are NO sanctioned places here where one can freely & thoroughly enjoy a little sunbathing & skinny-dipping! So, if I want to supplement my Vitamin "De-" ficiency, it's off to the woods and remote river regions to indulge in some solar irradiation of my dermis.
     637 days ago 
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